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An Encounter with Life

The Psalms are the flower and the fruit of a long romance, ongoing between God and man, a romance in which its first whisperings were lost in the dawn of the People of God.

All encounters are a meeting of two paths, two journeys or two intimacies. Man seeks God, and never stops searching for Him. In His potter’s workshop -man is an ongoing creative work of art. Deep inside God’s heart, where man was conceived and molded, God sealed in human being depths, an image of His own self, His own fingerprint, His own imprint. This imprint is like a powerful gravitational force, an irresistible attraction that draws man back to His Creator, His Original Source. (This reminds me of the salmon – the comparison is worth being made - they are born in a river and after swimming around for thousands of kilometers in the seas of the world, return, by some unknown and mysterious magnetic pull to the same river where they were born.)

God also seeks man, because God also feels an attraction for human being, already in the depth of human waters, God sees a reflection of His own image.

That is why; the crossing of or encounter of these two rivers produces the typical joy experienced by two harmonious natures when they come together, and the typical clash when two different “individuals” encounter each other.

From this shared life of faith, a great friendship is born between the both of them. For men and women of God, this friendship was and is a bond that cannot be broken or bought.

From the book “Psalms for Life” by fr. Ignacio Larrañaga

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