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Come With Me

“Those who want to free your tired legs from heavy chains, come with me. Those who are ready to raise a wall of containment against the waves of desires, instincts, and forces of death, come with me. Those who commit themselves lovingly to raise up and carry on their shoulders the heavy daily laws of powerlessness, incomprehension, solitude and death without shame or sadness, come with me. Those who are ready to offer their life like the white lamb, come with me.

Those who want to continue nourishing their self-pity and affect delicacy, stay behind. Those who want to continue be locked in their fears, fighting the specters of their ghosts, stay behind. You already know the story of the grain of wheat: it has to die and be buried in order to live. Those who are looking for a glorious and triumphant Messiah, stay behind.

Those who opt for a poor, humble and crucified Messiah, come with me.” (Mt 16: 24-27; Mk 8: 34- 38; Lk 9: 23-27; Jn 12: 25)

From the book “The poor one of Nazareth” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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