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Do you Know me?

I come from a deep fatherland, high and distant. My Father is my native land. And I have not come, but rather, I have been sent. For this reason, a consoling solitude breathes in my exile and in this solitude resounds, day and night, the songs and words of my Father. Also, for this reason, my words flounder again and again in your interior currents because you do not know who sent me and, consequently, neither do you know me.”

All you who are thirsty and are looking for cool water to drink, come to me. I am the source that springs up, fresh from the hills; my waters flow from rock to rock until they become currents that flow like springs toward eternal heights within those who drink of it. They tell stories about my Father to gardens and wheat fields in their route towards the sea.

Extracted from the book “The Poor One of Nazareth” by father Ignacio Larrañaga


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