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Faith and life with God

This adventure of faith will consist in burning bridges, setting aside all rules of common sense and all probabilities and, like Abraham, disregarding arguments, explanations, and proofs, untying ourselves from all rational positions and, bound hand and foot, making the great leap into the abyss of the dark night, surrendering ourselves to the totally Other - God Alone - in pure and dark faith.

The contemplative of the future will need to enter the unfathomable regions of the mystery of God - without guides, without supports, without light. God will be experienced as the Other Limit; God’s distance and proximity will be meditated upon simultaneously; and, as a result, there will be a feeling of dizziness which is a mixture of fascination, fright, annihilation, and dread.

The contemplative will have to run the risk of being submerged in this bottomless ocean where challenges are hidden. These, the contemplative cannot shun, but must face and accept them in their burning insistency.

Those who return from this adventure will be figures sculpted by purity, strength, and fire. Transformed by the ecstatic closeness of God, above them will appear the living and illuminating image of the Son. They will become the transparent witnesses of God.

From the book “Sensing Your Hidden Presence” by father Ignacio Larrañaga.

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