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Go into Your Room (Matthew 6, 6)

Lord, I remember the cenacle in Martha’s home where she welcomed You and Mary listened to you attentively. I think of the four walls of my small bedroom, where You ask me to come in and talk with the Father. My life and my room are so interrelated!!!

If every day, I communicate with my Father in this room, we may well say that this is a sacred place, even though there has not been a consecration. And the mystic Kempis affirms that by spending time in this refuge one recuperates the soul’s tenderness.

My room, Lord, is like Your grace, always welcoming. It is my universe or even better, my retreat. In it I am truly myself, far away from the slavery imposed by society.

There are those who do not know how to pay the rent for their room…But I just close the door and remain quiet by the light of the lamp entering in the intimacy of the Father, that is in the most secret and sacred place of the room.

And there I remain, still, quiet; lost in Your Mystery as if already living in eternity, saying nothing for long hours but identified, submerged, pervaded in Your Holy Presence, saying nothing, but saying more than with all the words in the dictionary. Sometimes I would like for time to stand still, but time goes on.

“Circular Letters to all the Guides in the World” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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