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God's Love

Just as plants need the sun, you need God’s love. I have often seen a scar on your foreheads: it is the language of anguish saying, what will we eat? How will we be clothed? Where we will sleep?

Listen. Those are basic necessities. We have to work. So, get to work then. And we handle the saw, the plane, the hammers, the jackhammer, the hoes, the scythes and the nets. So, let us struggle for our daily bread. Struggle, yes; but a struggle in peace. Work, yes; but work with joy. Take away the black thorns of affliction and anxiety from your hearts like rusty nails, and throw them all into the hands of the Father.

Before you go to meet him, He has already gone out to meet you. Before you open your mouth to ask for anything, He is already worrying about what you need.

Although you have always heard of God clothed in lightning, today you will learn that the vast ocean of His love is calling us eternally into his embrace. During the stormy nights, we will have familiar conversations at home, close to the fireplace, and we will once again laugh and be happy.”

From the book “The Poor One of Nazareth” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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