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Life has taught me the following. There are people who have an interlocutor (discussion partner) such as Jesus Christ, when they pray (not necessarily for a dialogue with words, but of intimacies). In other words, when they pray, they speak to the Lord Jesus. Other people, when they pray, “feel a sense of rightness” dealing directly with the Father and experience His love.

However, there are other people for whom, in their prayer, the interlocutor is not Jesus Christ, nor the Father, but Him Simply Him, only Him, without name, without shape, without form. He is all in all, immensity, eternity. But He is not a vague and shape-less reality, but Someone very real, very personal, very loving, who is not there - - -and is here- - -near, far, inside, outside, better said is not anywhere. He is. He embraces, understands and overflows beyond all space, all time. He is farther and closer than all.

To express it in words, we could say that we could burn all the books written about God, since all words that refer to God are ambiguous, inexact, illogical and confusing. The only thing left which is accurate and certain is: HE IS. There is no noun, but a pronoun. The only adequate verb is the verb to be. Everything else is nothing else but veiled approximations.

Extracted from the book “Psalms for life” by father Ignacio Larrañaga


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