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Humble and Empty of Self

If we kept a million gold coins in a room, that room would be hermetically sealed with double locks, padlocks, safety deposit boxes. Where there is a treasure, defensive arms will also be found. But if we have nothing in a room, not even a simple chair, that room will receive a cool breeze with the doors and windows left wide open. Where there is nothing to defend, everything is free and open.

If our brothers and sisters are filled with thoughts of personal interests, they will be closed to others through reticence, suspicions and fears. Next to the treasures there will be arms, ready to defend them. But if these brothers and sisters are free of possessions and humble, their doors will always be open to their brothers and sisters. They will become closer; they will communicate with each other, accept each other, reach out to each other, carry on dialogues. They will be open and transparent. Only between the humble and selfless people can the Golden Dream of Jesus be realized.

Extracted from the book “Transfiguration” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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