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Humility today

Humility is a devalued currency, a word that says little or nothing to our ears and that, for this very reason, is out of circulation today.

Let's start, then, from the first moment to unravel its content:

The humble are not ashamed of themselves

nor is he sad;

does not know guilt complexes or

beg for self-pity;

is not disturbed or angered,

and returns good for evil;

not looking for himself

but lives turned towards others.

is able to forgive

and close the doors to rancor.

One day and another day the humble appears

before all eyes dressed in

sweetness and patience

meekness and strength,

softness and vigor,

maturity and serenity.

And, without possible change, dwell permanently in the abode of peace; and the waters of its interior lakes are never agitated by the waves of interests, anxieties, passions, or fears. The strings of his heart pulsate in unison, like favorite melodies, the verbs disappear, disappropriate, uninstall, disinterest. He loves to live withdrawn in the region of silence and anonymity. The humble respect everything, venerate everything; there are no possessive or aggressive attitudes within its walls. It does not judge, it does not presuppose, it never invades the sanctuary of intentions. He is sensitive to the point of feeling other people's problems as his own, and his style is highly courteous. In short, he is capable of treating others with the same understanding with which he treats himself.

We find ourselves, then, in the heart of the Beatitudes, at the very summit of the Sermon on the Mount. The path of humility always ends at the goal of Love.

Extracted “Culminations weeks” 2012-2013, Father Ignacio Larrañaga.


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