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I Know You are Here

The Face of God is a biblical expression to signify the living presence of God; and that presence is thickened, condensed when faith and love make the soul's relations with God deeper and more intimate.

God begins to manifest Himself to us, but in a way similar to that of the sun which pours out its sunlight through a mass of trees in a dense forest. It is the sun but not the sun: it is bits of sunlight through the density of branches.

We must understand that this presence is always obscure, but by remaining obscure it becomes more alive. I mean that when faith and love intensify, then the features of God are not perceived more clearly, but rather are more alive.

Clarity does not refer to form, which God does not have, but to density and sureness of His presence. I can be, on some dark night, “with” a person; although we do not see each other, even if we do not touch and we are completely silent, looking at the stars, I can vividly “sense” his presence, I “know” that the he is there.

Extracted from the book, Sensing His Hidden Presence by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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