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Jesus calls us to leave selfishness for Love

We are from yesterday. Jesus Christ was made flesh at the beginning of the history of mankind.

The task of Jesus is to transform the world. Let us say it more succinctly: to change the heart of man. This grandiose plan, conceived and dreamt up by God from eternity and “to be carried out in time” through Jesus Christ, is the divinizing of man.

God created us in His own image and likeness. The Lord put into our heart a divine seed, which impels him, not just to be converted into a “god” as a substitute for the real God, (Genesis 3:5) but to become “divine beings,” participating in the divine nature. Having created us in the beginning in His likeness, His subsequent plans have as their purpose and finality to make man more and more like God Himself.

The gigantic and historical task of Jesus consists in having us “go” from the shackles of egoism and adhere to God Who is “Love.” Making us divine will consist, then, in “moving” from selfishness to love.

Extracted from the book The Silence of Mary by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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