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Jesus, the Firm Path

To be a Christian is to feel as Jesus felt and to live as He lived. In trying to live this disposition, it is relatively easy to know what were the preferences of Jesus, His lifestyle and spirituality, and the main purpose of His life.

However, there is another thing, as difficult to discover as it is important to live, how to capture the inner harmony of the Lord? In order to do that we need to get to the roots, because the essential is always beneath the surface. To discover, then, Jesus’ inner atmosphere, we need to descend to the primordial and original springs of the person where impulses, decisions, and life are born. In short, we need to discover and participate in the inner life of the Lord.

How do we do this? The “soul” of Jesus appears and is made transparent in His words and deeds. We have to begin by leaning on the whole Word with a contemplative attitude in order to be rooted in the Lord.

Again, how do we do this? You should ask for the assistance of the Holy Spirit, then, hold your breath, like someone in state of awe before the infinity of the universe. After that, with all of your faculties recollected, in faith and peace, with a contemplative gaze and infinite reverence, let yourself be taken into the intimacy of Jesus, and “remain” there, letting yourself be surprised and sensing everything that is happening there in the depths. And, once submerged in that environment, quiet and motionless, let yourself be impregnated by those various existential and living harmonies, sharing in the profound experience of Jesus in this way.

To advance through the dark ravines of faith, we have only one path: the path is Jesus himself.

Excerpted from the book Sensing Your Hidden Presence, by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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