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Letting Go (Giving Up)

To let go, is one of the principal keys for liberation. To let go affectively, to let go of those oppressive arms that are those desires through which a person clings to things, events, or individuals. In a sense, the freed person holds himself or herself back, cuts the link that is connecting thoughts and affection to things, facts, or persons perceived by the senses. By this path, we acquires freedom in the face of the external world

It is true that we have to fight the battle of life with passion; but also, with peace, without slavery or anxiety, in other words, not allowing things to dominate or enslave us.

Letting go therefore amounts to treating yourself and the world with an appreciative and reverent attitude. Do not waste energy, move towards inner security and the absence of fear, walk without ceasing from servitude to freedom. And freedom means giving free rein to all the creative and benevolent impulses that lie in the depths of a human being.

Extracted from the book “The Art of Being happy” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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