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Life Commitment

“Without God, without the certainty of God, man is left alone, drowning in his selfishness and his problems. Sometimes he wants to solve this knot intellectually, rationalizing its religious dimension. But it fails: faith is not an intellectual adherence, but a vital commitment. And what is said to believe, if it is not lived, is just the shell of words. Faith, which is good to illuminate with knowledge, is a matter of life, and I would say that of life or death.

But one must not imagine that it is easy: it has already been said, and rightly so, that in the face of the evils and pain of man, God remains silent. A silence that can be desperate if Mary is not imitated, that woman who, faced with what seemed like the disaster of her entire life-the crucifixion of her Son-maintains her commitment to God. A silence that shook Jesus himself on the cross: He felt and manifested the abandonment of the Father, but ended up surrendering to the will of the one who sent him, like Mary, before the inexplicable, always said "let it be done."

Ignacio Larrañaga, May 1987, México, in a interview with Carlos Castillo.


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