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Lord, give me Your Peace!

Now I know, Jesus, that surrender is not resignation, or passivity, or fatalism, but it is a quiet and generous acceptance of all that the Father wants or permits for me.

During these last few days in which I tried to surrender myself into yours Hands, I found some appalling obstacles that obstruct my way to You. Sometimes I am very rebellious, not realizing that I nurture hostility and aversion towards others. I even discovered that I still have resentments against a person and You know full well who it is, so because of that, I end up being aggressive with so many people.

My Jesus, please help me to overcome these obstacles, I want to make a full reconciliation with myself and others. To do this, I need to put out the flames that burn within me, heal the wounds that hurt me so much, silence the cries that deafen my conscience, assume my painful stories, forgive myself, forgive my brothers and sisters, forgive my colleagues, stifle my cries of rebellion, end my inner wars, and forget the offenses of others...

Lord, Lord, I beg You to guide me on this path so I can transform my heart into a peaceful home.

Extracted from the book “Permanent Converse” by father Ignacio Larrañaga


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