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Newborn prayer

He has arrived, the house was filled with fragrance. It seems like spring.

In you, Holy Father, are all our sources.

You have sent us a desired and dreamed gift: A child has arrived at the banquet of the party.

May he be welcome!

With what words will we thank you, Lord of life, with what words?

Thank you for his eyes and his hands, thank you for his feet and his skin, thank you for his body and his soul.

In your hands of tenderness we deposit him so that you take care of him and pamper him and fill him with sweetness.

Holy and dear Father, put an angel by his side so that he closes the way for illness and all evil and guides him along the path of light and well-being.

May Good, Peace and Blessing accompany him for all the days of his life.


Ignacio Larrañaga


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