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Pain: The Way to Wisdom

If you paused for a while and looked into your life and reflected a little, you will discover that many painful events in your past which at the time looked like misfortunes today, after so many years, you find that they brought you many blessings, detachment, and interior freedom. After so many years, they proved to be providential events in your life, not misfortunes.

What happens is that this detachment or this realization takes time in coming. When a Christian suddenly finds himself mired in suffering, his first reaction is usually rebellion. Why me? And deep down the protest is directed against God, forgetting that He -to whom the protest is directed, is Himself at the height of pain and suffering when nailed to the Cross. So, the answer to the question always comes from the heights of the cross.

As the Christian is initially enveloped in the clamor and dust of rebellion, he does not hear the answer at the outset; but as time passes and the interior atmosphere of the emotional storm has cleared, the Christian begins to perceive with clarity that the event is not just a theoretical consideration but a peremptory command instead: “Come, take up your cross and follow Me.” Salvation is at the gates.

When a Christian ceases his rebellion in this journey associated with the suffering Christ and takes up his own cross, he surrenders and worships. Then, the salvific meaning of suffering and the redemptive mystery of the cross make their appearance. At that exact moment, suffering and death are conquered because they lose their worst sting; and joy and peace descend upon the Christian.

Extracted from the book “ the Art of Be Happy” by father Ignacio Larrañaga

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