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"I will ask the Father to send you another Advocate, the Spirit of truth, so that he may always be with you." (John 14, 16)

“I will never leave you orphans in unknown foster homes or permit you to become lost in the mountain ravines. Let not your hearts be troubled. Do not open the doors to sadness and affliction.

“I have passed among you, quick as a star, sowing copious words. Now, if my words were lost in the well of forgetfulness or wrapped in fog, do not worry. My Father will send you a Comforter who, at the same time, will be the Enlightener who will help you to remember everything, and will dissipate the mist from your horizons so that everything that I said and did would become transparent before your eyes.”

Extracted from the book “The Poor one of Nazareth” by father Ignacio Larrañaga.


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