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Rocks on the Road

Life’s road is studded with rocks. So, what does one do with the rocks on the road? The traveler stumbles on them constantly, hurts his feet and is left bleeding. The rocks are there, at every turn, at every corner, waiting for ambush. What are you going to do with them?

On excursion day, it dawned with an overcast sky and it started to rain; while on the way the engine stalled; the neighbors put on strident music; the plane was five hours late; hail ruined the crops; I wanted to tell the truth but they took offense; it was a boring conference and it didn’t seem to end; six months and no rain; the traffic has ground to a stop and nerves are on end; our team threw an important deciding match; the parents are on the point of separation; the boss in the office is unbearable; we were stuck at the long waiting lines; the heat is simply suffocating; we were involved in a traffic accident; he had a performance today and lost his voice on waking ...

These are examples of the thousands of rocks strewn on the road. How would you maintain calm in the midst of so many agents of doom that attack from every side? What do you have to do to escape unharmed from such aggression? How would you transform these rocks into friends or family members?

Deal delicately with these rocks, accepting them as they are. Your rage is not going to soften them; in fact, it makes them more intolerable. Put aside your anger, be sweet and pleasant with them. This is the only means to make them harmless. Accept them harmoniously, with your entire mind, with tenderness, not because of fatalism. Furthermore, if you cannot assume them, and cannot carry them tenderly upon your shoulders, at least leave them behind the way as friends.

Extracted from the book “The art of being happy” by fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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