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The act of Surrender, An Offering

The theological reflection of the first Christian community imagined the historical destiny of Jesus in this way: upon entering this world, the Lord met with a solemn entrance arch.

And on the front of this arch these words were written, as a statement of principle that summarized the meaning of his life:

Here I come, oh my God, to fulfill your will. (Hebrews 10, 7)

For Jesus, surrender meant leaving His own interests aside and delivering Himself to the Other, confidently placing His head and His life in the hands of His beloved Father.

The act of surrender is, then, a transmission of domination, a giving of the “I” to a “Thou.” It is an “active” gesture because there is a total offering of our own will to the will of the loved one. It does not mean resigning ourselves to the fateful march of events. To surrender is to deliver ourselves with love to Someone who loves us and whom we love, and because we love that Someone, we surrender.

Extrated from the book Sensing Your Hidden Presence by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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