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The great mother

If you look at the New Testament with contemplative eyes, analyze and see, you will find a woman, the poor one of God, sensational, and who, in short, is the great disappeared, the silence. And for that reason, until the end of the world, she will be the great MOTHER in the sense of fertility, simply because she was the great disappeared.

And God reveals himself and shows himself through people who, according to the world, are worth nothing. Paul does not speak of Mary nor half a word, only in the Letters to the Galatians when he says: "Jesus Christ came ... born of a woman" and nothing else. And of course, it was a man had to be born of a woman. It was just that. Paul, who in another letter boasts of having met the Lord's brother, Santiago (Joseph's son), instead of his mother says absolutely nothing.

Of course, he had other reasons as well, it was a completely patriarchal cultural context. But that woman was the great missing person. She was the silence, she was the great disappeared. And that is why God overflowed through her, and not only then but until the end of the world.

From Father Ignacio Larrañaga 4th talk of meetings prior to the beginning of prayer workshops. 1984


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