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The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is an enormous mystery. The Liturgy of Pentecost assures us that His voice echoes all over the earth; and Jesus tells us that, when the time comes, the Spirit will remind us and will let us understand his doctrine in intimacy. However, the Spirit is mysteriously silent because he is eternal. Perhaps some of us might even repeat what some of the Christians of Ephesus said: “We have not even heard the Holy Spirit speak”.

The Sanctifying Spirit works discreetly and without rest in the silence of our hearts. Since he is everywhere, perhaps we don’t perceive his presence. From Him arise all the holy lights of our soul, and in the deepest parts is where our supernatural self plants roots. He took possession of us at baptism without uttering one word and since then, he has not said anything. He always works in the silence of the heart.

Frequently it seems to us that only the exceptional is important. The Holy Spirit is the one who gratifies the cosmic universe and the world of the souls. And we, being blind, do not realize this. The tears that fall over the face of a child and the world that gyrates around its axis are regulated by the same law; the law of gravity. The Holy Spirit is like that: force of gravity, invisible, silent that moves and stirs up; mysteriously carries and enlivens all that is life.

Your Spirit, my God, is at the origin of all supernatural movements. He has been preparing everything in the depths of our selves even before we were conscious of it. In truth it is the Holy Spirit that regulates the march of the world and the history of the souls.

From the Circular Letter No. 21 by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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