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The divine and the human walk hand in hand. Every divine initiative humanizes. Because of the way we were made, the human being is conditioned to embark upon a divine project, which in turn puts him or her in the process of a sublime humanization.

Therefore, how and from where does the humanizing dimension of prayer come? Well, let us begin.

The root of all of misfortune is this: People project their own self-image to and for themselves. One thing is what I am, and another is what I imagine myself to be. This imaginary person (image) transforms mankind into an object of clinging and devotion (appropriation)

But that image is only fantasy and fiction, a foolish illusion, a useless throb that pursues and obsesses. And the ego ends up transforming itself into the mother of all fears, dreads, anxieties, unhappiness, resentments, envies, and loathing…

Therefore, a strong experience of God destroys the backbone, the central nucleus of the ego. The Enveloping Presence absorbs and draws out the “I”, neutralizing the attachment to the image, and the ego stops being the center.

With this experience of God, one let’s go of attachments and appropriations, the Glorious Liberty of the children of God dawns, enchantment with life is born, the desire for living, the quality of life: peace and rest, the capacity to love in its thousands forms and ways, the possibility of returning good for evil, loving the unlovable, accepting difficulties., forgiving offenses, understanding the problematic, and having solidarity with the downtrodden.

Life is changing radically. We are already submerged in the humanizing dimension.

The deeper the encounter, the more the presence of God starts to become present, to impact, illuminate and inspire the person within their deepest realities: their unconscious, their impulses, their reflexes, their criteria…

And in this way, in ever-widening concentric circles, the divinization and humanization of mankind by God, through prayer, takes place.

The torrent of love that is God carried away all the delirium, foolishness, imaginary worries, useless passions; and finally mankind is freed from mental anguish and anxiety. Then men and women can move and struggle in the world, but their home is in the Kingdom of Peace. This is the humanizing dimension of prayer.

Extracted from the Culmination´s Week


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