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The Son’s fidelity

Respecting the natural course of history, the Father did not want to intervene during events in order to avoid the crucifixion and death of his Son.

But—let us say this in human terms—the Father was moved by his Son’s fidelity, a fidelity expressed in a series of circumstances: when everything told him to say no, the Son said Yes; when he had all the reasons not to believe, he believed. The Son assented humbly; when he had overwhelming motives to think that he could have been the victim of his own hallucinations, the Son, without seeing the cards, maintained his wager in favor of the Father until the ultimate consequences and against all appearances.

Moved, therefore, by this fidelity of the Son, the Father overturns the laws of death, rescues his Son from its claws and grants him the Lordship, the resurrection and immortality, giving him the name-above-every-other-name, before whom all knees in the world must bend, proclaiming until the end of the world that Jesus Christ is Lord. A grandiose finale to the drama!

The grain of wheat, dead and buried under the earth, is now a golden spike swaying in the breeze. From death, life is born, from humiliation, glory, and exaltation. The Poor One from Nazareth is now the Lord Jesus.

Extracted from the book “The Poor One of Nazareth” by Father Ignacio Larrañaga


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