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Transcendent memories of an October 4

“We did not expect the canonical approval of the Workshops within two or three years after having delivered the material to the Holy See in November 1996. However, to our great surprise, the decree of approval was signed on October 4, 1997, within one year from the application date. Amazing speed.

On the other hand, the Decree and its content far exceeded our expectations, wishes and requests; it recognizes us without further prior procedures, as an International Association of the Faithful, of pontifical law and with legal personality. The Decree, for its approval, is based, among other factors, on the fact of "having received very numerous testimonies from diocesan Bishops and parish priests from various countries and continents that point to the good fruits of conversion, holiness and apostolate raised by the Workshops."

The reception of the Decree took place in a solemn ceremony that was by no means formal and cold, but exceptionally warm and familiar. Both the President and the Secretary General of the Pontifical Council emphasized repeatedly the extraordinary high number of testimonies and recommendations from the Hierarchy of various countries and continents; and they ended up giving us fervent words of congratulations, encouragement and incentive.

Personally, I felt seized by a deep, complex and withheld joy, like a presentiment that God himself had just sanctioned and crowned the multiple works of the last 25 years”.

Extracted from the book “The Rose and the Fire” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.


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