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Vital circle

This whole process of liberation will carry us to the Kingdom of God, to the kingdom of community and to personal maturity, it will take place in the encounter with God, in a circle that runs from life to God and from God to life.

Moses and Elijah- did not meet God in the heat of military or social battles. Rather, they retreated to complete solitude and there found the courage and strength for the coming battles. The same was true of Jesus.

That God with whom I have “communicated” in prayer, whom I have “seen,” that most loving Father who must “come down” with me into life; that presence of God, ought to last and color my life, and “with Him at my right hand,” I have to fight the great battle of liberation.

The encounter with God is like a generator. We have been with God. We have felt Him so vividly that His presence accompanies us wherever we go. A great difficulty arises: how to pardon an offense, feeling a great dislike for someone. For love of that God whom we feel is present, we face the situation and overcome our distaste. Conquering this, the love for God grows (I would say that God “grows”: that is, His presence is greater within me). This love pushes us to a new encounter with Him. This is the vital circle.

Extracted from the book Sensing your Hidden Presence, by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.


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