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In Search of Lost Meaning

We live in a time of crisis characterized by an existential emptiness or loss of meaning in life. Because of this, we urgently need to transcend ourselves continually, to keep moving forward.

We feel harassed and dizzied by the myths of indefinite progress, by messianic utopias, and by social or political ideologies. Certainties that flowed from religious systems or collective beliefs have vanished. In the midst of this disorientation, there are still sensible yet restless temperaments who feel called to blaze new paths.

To transcend is to go farther; to overcome in some way their own frontiers and personal limitations. The human is not yet a finished entity; he is still a becoming. He is one who builds himself in the midst of contingency. The question is opening up oneself to the dimensions of profundity, as Goethe used to say: “The divine acts through what is alive, in what changes and becomes, not in what is stable and inert.”

Extracted from the boob “The force of decadence” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.


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