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Love, a Magical Equivocal Word

Love is an energy that devours distances between a human being and another and unifies them, thus overcoming affective emptiness and existential solitude.

As we have said, despite opening up an infinite distance between two individuals, the wonder of life together in pair will always be possible.

Authentic love looks at the person itself not at its accessories.

If one loves another person because of social position or title or surname, it is an adulterated love.

A love that is born on the attraction of a splendid anatomy or from a seductive look can freeze at the first instance of frost. It was an ephemeral/fleeting sentiment.

A love based on external factors is actually camouflaged selfishness. Furthermore, we can affirm that authentic love does have an irrational character, that is, it has no reasons for loving. Love is born spontaneously; it does not ask why.

Just as a precious gem is not appraised by the container no matter how expensive it may be but for its intrinsic beauty, so in authentic love, the person is loved no matter who he or she is.

When the sun of love shines in-between conjugal spaces, life is a perpetual miracle, a rose in the hand, a song on the lips, a melody from the stars, a prodigy of grace and overall enchantment.

 Extracted from the book ´Happy Marriage´ by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga


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