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The faith of Mary

I am sure that Mary’s faith was challenged and assaulted by a barrage of questions battering her, one wave after another. Challenged but never conquered.

In order not to succumb she had to utilize an enormous amount of mature faith, simple and unadulterated faith, which depended solely on God Himself.

Her secret was this; not so much to resist but to surrender and accept His will. She wasn’t able to change anything: neither the mysterious delay in Jesus’ coming out, nor his normal unexceptional thirty years, nor especially, the baffling silence of her Lord. If Mary could not change anything, why resist it? The Father wanted it that way, and so it was.

Only the development of a supreme intimacy with the Father and her indestructible sense of abandonment in His hands saved Mary from the worst pitfall of her pilgrimage. Thus, it was that Mary understood the passage of those thirty years navigating in the boat of an unwavering adult faith.

Extracted from the book “The silence of Mary” by Fr. Ignacio Larrañaga.


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