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The revolution of love

In the vortex of a devouring egoism, on the road leading from pleasure to death, threatened as we are by the shipwreck of values, on the verge of a suicide that can be collective, Christ rises, in the midst of dust and ruins as a column of light and as the Response, as only He who is capable of consolidating and integrating broken bones. And through this road of the Resurrection, He is the lordly meteor shooting through spaces and eternities like an arrow of hope.

Jesus Christ, behold! He is the answer, yesterday, today and tomorrow!

He is the only one who, through the revolution of love, can shake and rock the old order, the tower built, put together, and crowned by the innumerable sons of egoism. Much more yet: this revolution of love not only can raise and give impulse to a new world through optimistic trajectories, but also—and this is more important—Christ is the only one who can descend to the abyss of our fears, and like an expert magician, can charm our “horror of the emptiness.”

From the book “The Poor one of Nazareth” by father Ignacio Larrañaga


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